Hemo Guard Supreme


Hemo Guard Supreme is for people prone to hyper coagulation. Hyper coagulation is a condition where fibrin builds up in the various blood vessels. Excessive fibrin deposition can lead to deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, heart attacks, and stroke. Hemo Guard is powerful anti-inflammatory agent, blood thinner and prevents blood platelets from adhering together .


Hemo Guard Supreme is used as an anti-inflammatory and for cardiac and blood support.

Hemo Guard is a combination of some of the more effective agents:

1) Ginkgo Biloba: Gingko has been used for many years for memory enhancement, increased cognition, and an increased ability to pay attention as well as other beneficial properties. One property reported in a study is that it may help prevent blood clots.

2) Ginger Root: Studies suggest that Ginger has anti-coagulation properties, in addition to lowering cholesterol and being anti-inflammatory. Ginger has many other good properties. Studies have shown consuming ginger can be a way to lower blood pressure. Ginger has also been shown to help with fat digestion.

3) Green Papaya: Green papaya contains three different enzymes which may assist in the enzymatic breakdown of the fibrin in blood clots and the dissolution of biofilms.

HEMO-PROTECTIVE – Herbal combination formulated for cardiac support.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – Has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

IMMUNE SUPPORT – Hemo Guard is also beneficial in allowing regimens to reach the most distal areas of the body.

PURE HERB – Like all Supreme Nutrition products, there are no fillers, binders, flow agents or other substances added in the encapsulation process.

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120 caps

Suggested Use

Suggested Use: 1 capsules 3x per day between meals