I often have to work extremely long hours night shoots, etc…I haven’t been sick in almost a year, almost never get headaches and have tons of energy–all the time! I feel truly great!…and without Dr. Springer’s vitamins, immune boosters, energy and stamina boosters I would never make it!

CATHERINE BELL Film & Television Actress

Getting chiropractic adjustments and nutritional supplements from Dr. Neal Springer invigorates me and makes me feel super healthy and strong.

JULIETTE LEWIS Film & Television Actress

Dr. Neal Springer is so right on with his vitamin supplement recommendations. He always handles my little body quirks with the correct vitamin or homeopathic.

JENNA ELFMAN Film & Television Actress

I have found Dr. Neal Springer to be not merely a competent chiropractor, but an absolute genius at isolating the true cause of a difficulty and remedying it rapidly. I have recommended his services to others many times and will continue to do so.

CRAIG JENSEN Founder Condusiv Technologies Corp.

Dr. Springer is the best there is. He’s the most trustworthy, helpful, sensible doctor I’ve ever been to and he always helps me feel better!

GIOVANNI RIBISI Film & Television Actor

Dr. Springer has helped me turn everything around. I went from being overweight and smoking to losing all the weight, quitting smoking for good and maintaining my entire physical foundation. It has drastically changed everything. Thanks!

JASON LEE Film & Television Actor

Dr. Neal Springer is a wonder! I can’t say enough about his expertise, his knowledge and the care I have received from him over the years! I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone interested in health, nutrition, mental and physical effectiveness and well-beingness.

JEFFREY TAMBOR Film & Television Actor

Dr. Neal Springer is the man who keeps me healthy and functioning. Anytime anything happens, be it a cold, fatigue, flu or a stiff shoulder, I call him immediately and it gets handled. He also makes me smile, a wise and witty man, quite a package!


I love Neal Springer. He has been brilliant in helping me rehabilitate nagging injuries that hamper a punishing work schedule and an active family life. I don’t know where I would be without him. He is without a doubt my No. 1 health care professional.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Springer for 10 years now and he is hands down the BEST chiropractor in L.A.! He always gives special care when needed and after shooting some of my extra long days on set getting an adjustment from him is like a gift from God! Who knew so much change could happen in such a short time. Plus…the guy is just really cool.

MARISOL NICHOLS Film & Television Actress

To stay in top shape, I stay in touch with my chiropractor. My workouts are more effective. The herbal therapy keeps the inner and outer body well tuned, alive and active.

MARLA GIBBS Film & Television Actress

I used to think vitamins and supplements worked no matter what brand. After experiencing an entire year of lethargy, however, despite plenty of sleep and plenty of vitamins, I started to think this was just how my body was going to be. Finally I walked into Dr. Springer’s office, one of best things I’ve done. He put me on a regimen of vitamins and supplements my body could actually absorb. I noticed a difference immediately. I felt more mentally alert, and awake; my organs, my skin, my whole system improved (and I lost some weight). I look forward to the days when i have an appointment, as I always walk out feeling better.

SARAH SHAHI Television Actress