Women-vs-Men 3 Stages of Health to Sickness

There is an explosion of autoimmune disease taking place worldwide. According to the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association’s current statistics, 1 out of every 12 men and 1 out of every 9 women have autoimmune disease. These numbers are staggering because they are referring to disease, not silent or autoimmune reactivity. They also point out that physicians in the current healthcare system have not been trained to properly diagnose autoimmune disease. These statistics are alarming but very real, and if you are in the healthcare system today, you or your doctor must be able to properly identify autoimmunity before appropriate expectations, lifestyle dietary suggestions, or referrals can be made.

The Repair and Clear program is successfully used in our clinic has many levels of support

First and foremost, autoimmune disease is an incurable condition. The expression of the disease can go into remission, but that does not mean the person is cured. Unfortunately, some healthcare providers and patients confuse autoimmune remission with cure. It is clear that once the gene expression of autoimmune disease turns on, there is no “off” switch, but there is a “dimmer switch” that can modulate how active the expression becomes. We want to give you tools to help control the switches, ones that can make positive changes.

With the explosion of autoimmunity taking place worldwide, many chronic problems that people seek solutions for in the healthcare system are either not properly diagnosed or are overlooked and eventually seek the care of alternative medicine practitioners for help. Unfortunately, alternative health care providers are also not adequately trained to identify, monitor, and manage autoimmune-related conditions.

However, Repair and Clear has a healthy diet and lifestyle which provides many of those with autoimmune conditions with greater function and overall health, while remaining undiagnosed.

If autoimmunity is never accurately diagnosed, the person and the healthcare provider would be puzzled by the complexities of the case. They would also be frustrated that the clinical protocols and dietary suggestions did not resolve the chief complaints. In a sense, there would be a level of clinical naivety about the case.

Autoimmunity is basically the loss of self-tolerance or the inability for the immune system to recognize self-tissue from foreign or pathogenic organisms, leading to an attack upon oneself.

The loss of self tolerance and the development of autoimmunity is a major reason why many individuals notice a rapid decline in their health and seek consultation with a healthcare professional.

This could be from: Pollutants, Toxins, Hormone changes (even in the last trimester of pregnancy), Immune System Reactions to proteins like dairy, egg whites and wheat products, Infections and a Stress Response.

Unfortunately autoimmunity leads to a destructive process to various tissues over several years and early autoimmunity may be easily overlooked in the current healthcare model.

Medical treatments have grim side effects in an attempting to diminish of the over-activity of the immune system.

The Repair and Clear program is the best way I have seen to improve self tolerance.

There are seven major areas involved with autoimmunity expression.

Activation of these 7 areas has been shown to have a direct consequence in the severity of the autoimmune disease. There is no known or established cure for any autoimmune disease. Therefore, the management of autoimmunity is to try to control the autoimmune response so as to decrease the self-destructing part of the condition.

Tumero and Resvero Active, both help block the NF kB which creates increased expression of autoimmunity and other diseases as well.

Glutathione Recycler will aid in the increase of the most important active antioxidant, Glutathione, both within and outside the cell.

Repairvite along the herbs in GI Synergy and with the probiotic Strengtia are used to help control excess yeast and bacteria toxins in the Intestines help repair the ” Leaky Gut “, which can lead to further autoimmunity.

Glutathione Recycler & Vitamin D in the Ultra D Complex will aid support the regulation of the immune system.

Nitric Balance will aid the 2 types of Nitric Oxide that protect the nerves and improve the circulation as well as dampen the form of nitric oxide (iNOS) that creates Autoimmune flare ups.

The best plan is always prevention and suppression of autoimmunity as described above.

A person who is under a lot of stress of any type may initially lose self-tolerance and develop autoimmunity. Once an individual develops autoimmunity support, targeted at key immunological pathways with diet, nutrition, and lifestyle–may provide support to improve the quality of life and health.

Autoimmunity in general takes place in several stages.

The first stage of autoimmunity is called silent autoimmunity and is the onset of loss of immune self-tolerance but without any significant loss of self-tissue. This stage is identified with elevated self-tissue antibodies, but without symptoms or signs because the immune system has not destroyed any significant tissue to create any noticeable changes. The second stage of autoimmunity is called autoimmunity reactivity and is the stage when the immune system has progressed into tissue destruction and is starting to create subtle or noticeable symptoms associated with loss of function. However, it is not labeled as an autoimmune disease yet. The last stage of autoimmunity is called autoimmune disease, and this is when there is clear and significant loss of self-tissue that can be identified with imaging studies and other tests, such as nerve conduction studies.


Stage 1

Silent Autoimmunity – Elevated antibodies but no symptoms or loss of function.

Stage 2

Autoimmune Reactivity – Elevated antibodies with symptoms and loss of function, but no severe destruction of the tissue associated with disease.

Stage 3

Autoimmune Disease – Elevated antibodies and significant symptoms, signs, labs, imaging, and special studies associated with significant loss of function.

Unfortunately, there are many people who stay in the autoimmune reactivity stage for years and never get diagnosed. Some may never develop enough destruction of their nervous system to be diagnosed but have significant signs and symptoms that impair their quality of life. Many eventually progress to various neurological diseases, such as multiple sclerosis. Even diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s have now been shown to be a consequence of long-standing autoimmunity to specific neurological tissues.

To summarize, a person first loses their self-tolerance to their own tissue. It then progresses to stages of early destruction that cause subtle yet noticeable symptoms, but not significant enough to be labeled as an autoimmune disease. Finally, the autoimmune tissue destruction leads to significant loss of tissue that creates significant loss of function and significant symptoms. At this stage, the condition can be called autoimmune disease.

There has been a lot of news regarding Vitamin D. This is what I feel is one part of the many mechanisms shown above that protect us from autoimmune diseases. It is not enough to just give one piece of a puzzle to solve the riddle, I hope the above gives you enough clues that you can agree with me that the Repair and Clear program is the best way to improve self tolerance and minimize autoimmune activities.