About Us

Hello, and welcome to MyVites.com!

Welcome to MyVites, where our legacy as internet pioneers in holistic health care has been thriving since October 1999.  We were the trailblazers, the first to offer leading brands like Standard Process, Thorne Research, Biotics Research, Supreme Nutrition and others.  Our commitment to your health is as steadfast now as it was at the dawn of the digital wellness revolution.

At MyVites, we understand that the essence of true health is not merely the absence of disease but the dynamic expression of life. Here, we recognize that no one can fully grasp your state of vitality without diving into the unique blueprint of your body, exploring your innate capacity for self-healing, and guiding you toward an understanding of wellness that is yours alone.

Two Decades of Innovation and Expertise

Founded by Neal Springer, DC, MyVites leverages his 20 years of clinical knowledge from the outset, which has now matured to over 40 years of dedicated experience.  We were there when the internet was just beginning to bloom, guiding health seekers to their optimal selves with pioneering spirit and expertise.

Beyond Health Care—A Revolution in Wellbeing

MyVites isn’t just about health care – it’s a portal to wellbeing.  With us, you explore the vibrant landscape of health that transcends conventional sick care.  Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the balance of your body’s systems, ensuring that each one functions with the harmony and precision you deserve.

Exclusive Insights from a World-Renowned Leader in Health

Our journey of innovation continues with Dr. Springer’s hundreds of hours of advanced training with Datis Kharrazian, PhD, DHSc, DC, MS, MMSc, FACN —a Harvard Medical School trained, award-winning clinical research scientist and a leading voice in functional medicine.  Dr. Kharrazian’s evidence-based approaches for treating autoimmune, neurological, and complex chronic diseases have profoundly influenced our selection of products and the knowledge we share.

Empowerment Through Education with the Body Restoration eBook

Drawing on the personal and professional experiences of Dr. Michael Lebowitz and Dr. Ami Kapadia, Body Restoration serves as a cornerstone of MyVites.com, mirroring our ethos that understanding and nurturing the body’s myriad systems pave the road to true wellness.  This digital edition, available exclusively on our website, has been a beacon for countless individuals seeking to recalibrate their health since its original publication.

Nutrition: Your Lifeline to Vitality

Recognizing the power of nutrition in the equation of health, MyVites empowers you with scientifically backed, nutritional strategies that are easy to integrate into your daily life.  The right nutrients can be your heart’s guardian, and with MyVites, such potent health support is just a click away.

Your Health, Your Choices, Our Support

We’re here to aid you with scientific discoveries and essential knowledge, always selecting the highest quality vitamin and supplement products.  With my clinical experience and the shared wisdom of medical and alternative health professionals, we aspire to light your way to comprehensive wellness.

Guidance for Today, A Vision for Tomorrow

We invite you to join the MyVites legacy. With us, you’ll navigate through a curated selection of health paths, each illuminated by decades of expertise and our ongoing quest for knowledge.  We offer personalized support for your journey toward vitality, with options that resonate with your unique health goals.

In health and knowledge,

Dr. Neal Springer

Founder of MyVites.com