GI-Synergy K64


This product combines three synergistic formulas that work together to establish a healthy intestinal terrain.
H-PLRTM (K-32)
Prastonil TM (k-59)
Yeastonil TM (K-58)



GI-Synergy™ combines three complementary formulas that are each designed to support the intestinal terrain.* H-PLR™ (K32), Yeastonil™ (K58), and Parastonil™ (K59) are combined into one easy-to-use package for the client. Each serving is packaged individually with the combination of these three formulas. GI-Synergy™, when taken in combination with the RepairVite™ Program and Strengtia™ (K61), is intended to support the intestinal immune system and the intestinal environment. The RepairVite™ Program is a powerful dietary and nutritional support program designed to support the intestinal membranes.* A small size of GI-Synergy™ (K83), which contains 30 packets, is also available.

Additional information


90 Packets

Suggested Use

Take 1 packet, 1-2 times a day

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 1 packet (6 vegetarian capsules)
Servings per container 45
Undecylenic Acid
Caprylic Acid
Uva Ursi extract (leaf)
Cars Claw extract (bark)
Pau D' Arco extract (bark)
Wormwood extract (leaf)
Black Walnut extract (hull)
Olive extract (leaf)
Garlic extract
Goldenseal extract (root)
Barberry extract (root)
Oregan Grape extract (root)
Chinese Goldthread extract (root)
Yerba Mansa Extract (root)
Vegetarian Capsule (HPMC)
Rice Flour


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