MetabolicBiome Plus 7-Day Kit – Organic Pea Protein


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MetabolicBiome™ Plus kit is a revolutionary healthy weight management program that supports blood sugar stability while also targeting the health of the gut microbiome. By mimicking the effects of a diversified plant-based diet, the MetabolicBiome™ Plus kit supports an individual’s optimal weight using a two-pronged approach: Optimize gut microbiota through polyphenolic stimulation; Support healthy blood sugar through macronutrient balance and key nutrients.* Each 7-day MetabolicBiome™ Plus kit contains: 14 packets of MetabolicBiome™ Plus, a meal supplement powder to promote the growth and activity of a healthy microbiome; 14 supplement packets that include GlucoResolve™ to support healthy glucose and insulin metabolism; Biomega-700™ (omega-3s) and digestive enzyme support; Patient Guidebook



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