Whey Protein Isolate Vanilla, 16 oz. / 454 g


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Whey Protein Isolate provides an excellent source of protein, as it is considered by many practitioners to be the premier dietary source for protein. It provides the body with the necessary building blocks that are used to build or maintain muscle tissue.* Whey Protein Isolate from Biotics Research is produced using a micro-chilled process, thus the protein is undenatured, and retains significant amounts of important immune factors including Immunoglobulin (lgG) and Lactoferrin. Additionally, Whey Protein Isolate is devoid of added sugar or artificial flavorings, and each serving supplies 20 grams of naturally complete protein, making it ideal for low-carbohydrate or metabolically balanced diets. This product is available in chocolate and vanilla flavors, as well as an unsweetened/unflavored version.



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