Adrenal Hypofunction

With chronic fatigue there are usually many types of microbes the immune system needs support to remove that create a short circuitry of energy production. That is why when you get sick, you do not want to get out of bed and need to take it easy. Many times one may not heal completely after being sick and continue to carry the bug.
A simple blood test called a CBC which is short for complete blood count only costs around $25 and can give a clue on what is occuring. If there is a chronic infection, the white blood cell count may be less than 5 which is a clue.
Also doing the Repair and Clear elimination diet and supplements can help . This will help remove any food sensitivities that do not allow the immune system to fully recover. If there is a constant intake of potential food sentivities to proteins found in wheat, dairy, corn or soy, elimination of these for 3 weeks is wise. Then add one at a time back in every 3 days and see which creates a problem. Removing the foods in the caffeine and nightshade families also helps many times in practice.
Using herbs like Endo Supreme, LuRong, Schisandra and the amino acid L-Tyrosine in the morning are a good place to start.