With Alcoholism we commonly support with the missing mineral Zinc, and check to see if there is an allergy to the substance the beverage of choice comes from as this can create a craving. We correct any low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and supply a B complex with enough Vitamin B-1(thiamin especially deficient in alcoholics).
The other support we may use includes Thorne Research :
Phosphatidyl Choline  using a dosage of 2 caps  threee times a day to support a deficiency in the liver. Phosphatidyl Choline protects liver from damage.
Promote detox with Basic Detox Nutrients and Formaldehyde Relief  3 times a day.
To decreases fatty degeneration, support with Milk thistle in T.A.P.S. or S.A.T.  
Lipotrepein helps support the liver and gallbladder.
Note – Use a blood test to check Homocysteine often elevated over 8 in chronic alcoholics Suppoet with Methyl-Guard
Pantethine or Taurine, Niasafe-600 or Niacinamide can help reduce the build up of waster products from the breakdown of alcohol.
Alcohol craving may be due to low blood sugar, Support with GlycoTone 2 caps with meals  
Reduce alcohol toxicity; and enhance the liver’s removal of alcohol supprot with Anti-Oxidant 
For Detoxification support use Carnityl 2 caps 2 times a day to protect liver from, or reverse alcohol-related cognitive decline.
Support with Lactobacillus sporogenes 1 cap 2x when the Gut microflora is severely damaged. This occurs in alcoholics resulting in malabsorption of nutrients and endotoxin production.
 For symptoms of EFA deficiency- Support with Omega Plus 2 caps daily- Alcohol can interfere with the metabolism of fats.
 Correct deficiency of Vitamin A from alcoholism as needed.