Introducing Anxiety Support™ supplements
Support for Stress and Anxiety.
Most emotional imbalances have a physical as well as mental/spiritual component. Do our free Brain Test using the Ask the Doctor tab to discover general indications for brain support, stress support, pleasure support and neurotransmitter support to find the right combination of “chill pills” for you!
Reduce Stress Response 

Adrenal Calm™

Reduce Food Triggers:


Stabilize Blood Sugar:

Glysen™ (if tired after meals)
Proglyco SP™ (if light headed, shaky or irritable before meals, eating relieves)

EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) Support:

OmegaCo-3 ™ (goes well with Glysen™)
Super EFA Complex (goes well with Proglyco SP™)

Support for sudden drops in blood sugar may be very helpful.
The release of adrenaline when the blood sugar drops may create fear and anxiety that we know of as panic attacks. This can happen when someone eats a lot of sugar and then goes somewhere else thinking it was what was happening when they got the panic not what they ate before it occurred.
 A milk sensitivity to the lactose (milk sugar) can also create this when someone eats ice cream or any dairy product. Lactase is available in drug stores and health food stores, just put it in some water and drink it and see if this helps.

The areas of the brain affected in generalised anxiety disorder (advanced)
Patients with generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) exhibit increased metabolic rates in several brain regions compared with healthy controls.
Hyperactive neurotransmitter circuits between the cortex, thalamus, amygdala and hypothalamus have been implicated in the disorder.
Hypofunction of serotonergic neurones arising from the dorsal raphe nucleus and GABAergic neurones that are widely distributed in the brain may result in a lack of inhibitory effect on the putative GAD pathway.
Furthermore, overactivity of noradrenergic neurones arising from the locus coeruleus may produce excessive excitation in the brain areas implicated in GAD.


There are 4 basic ways the brains rhythm can be thrown off. These can be tested with a Saliva Test measuring the levels of Cortisol at 4 intervals to see the rhythm. Call us if you want more info on testing your Rhythym.
1. Quantity- Low Pituitary Adrenal output
2. Modulation -Poor Cortisol rhythm (from poor signals for the Hippocampus to the Hypothalamus to the pituitary to the adrenal gland)
3. Modulation – Poor Pineal Production affecting the rhythm from the making and conversion of Serotonin to Melatonin
4. Amplitude – Too strong a signal causing anxiety and over activity due to immune system imbalances releasing inflammatory chemicals and or low GABA (gluten issues too will set off this problem causing Panic Attacks)
Apex Energetic Support for the 4 above patterns 1 or more may occur simultaneously
1. Support with Proglyco Synergy and Sleep and Energy Fix
2.  Modulation – Support with AdrenaCalm and Adaptocrine for Sleep Repair
3. Modulation – Support with  Serotone-Active  and Methyl-SP  or (Super-Methyl-SP  containing  highly active Vitamin B12 in the form of Methyl Cobalamin)
4. Amplitude – Support with Neuroflam Neuro Flam , Gabatone Active  and/ or Gabacore
 NOTE- Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase (GAD65):  Use GlutenFlam GlutenFlam if you suspect you have Gluten sensitivity (Senitive to foods with Wheat Protein) which can cause antibodies attacking the brains ability to calm itself with GAD65 and lead to Anxiety and Panic Attacks. 
Glutamic acid decarboxylase, or GAD65, for short, is a pre-cursor to an extremely important neurotransmitter in the brain called GABA. This neurotransmitter is “inhibitory,” meaning that it “calms down” areas of the brain that cause excitability, anxiety, irritability, and restlessness. Having antibodies against GAD65 can cause these symptoms and may also lead to type I diabetes and Panic Attacks or Anxiety. 
The question is should I be tested? My answer is if you have chronic health issues suspect certain foods to be an issue then
Yes, you should be tested. An easy way is to do an eliimination type diet which removes all the foods that can create #4 and calm down all the processes in the body which get too high from foods, infections and toxins.
Here is our most successful program to support calming down the inflammation/destructive signals by supporting your body.
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