Balance your Blood Test
Correct any anemia by getting a blood test with Ferritin, TIBC, Transferrin and Iron Saturation.
*Adrenal Repair: Anemia causes the body to fail to produce enough energy, rapidly burning up the sugar and placing great demands on the adrenals.
Always do a blood test to rule out infection, anemia, liver detoxification impairment or low essential fatty acids.
Use our Ask the Doctor page to also look for other factors which can cause low energy along with anemia:

Unstable Blood Sugar- a significant stress on the brain and body.
Gut Infections- When there is poor digestion pr inflammation as in a big tummy, there is a chronic stress placed on the adrenal glands and immune systems.
Unidentified food intolerances and food allergies- These stress energy production Use the Repair and Clear program to remove hidden foods to help energy.
Essential Fatty Acids- The right fats in the right amounts are essential for hormone production, including the thyroid and adrenal hormone.
Toxicity- Some have issues with the environmental compounds which cause their immune system to react to the chemicals, metals or molds.