Birth Control Pill Support

The use of BCP has several disadvantages on the ability to maintain proper balance of hormones by the liver.
The use of supplemental support allows the liver to help detoxify excess hormones so they do not accumulate and raise the risk of poor health outcomes of proliferative conditions.
Using Methyl SP, Bilemin and Metacrine DX can be very helpful if the person insists on this type of birthc ontrol despite the risks.
Other methods of birth control may not be safer or more effective but there still remains a risk of hormonal overload to many aspects of health when using even low dosages of the pill.
Call our office for support of progesterone that can offset the synthetic progestins in B C Pills
AnxietyIrritabilityHypersensitivityNervousnessRestless sleepHeadaches/migraines before menstruationWeight gainBreast tendernessDecreased libidoHeavy periods.