Canker Sores

Canker sores can occur from a virus. Foods to avoid include any wheat or dairy products as well as citrus fruits and tomatoes. 
Try eating fresh peaches to remove the moisture and heal the sore quicker. The digestive enzymes from the stomach (HCl) can help break down the needed Calcium and all three are usually taken together: Calcium 3 tablets 3X , Flax Seed Oil or Black Currant Seed Oil 2 – 3X, HCl 1-3 with each meal.
Calcium can help and the essential oils (EFA’s) allow calcium to move out of the blood into the soft tissues like lips, skin, and muscles. When tissue Calcium is improved, the foods removed, the Canker or any type of Cold Sores will heal and not come back as frequently or at all. Lysine also helps along with Vitamin A, C, E, F, B6.