Celiac Disease

Here is one of my favorite supplements to take -since I am wheat free. It is very helpful as it can easily breakdown the wheat found in trace amounts in foods when eating out.

Use Gluten Flam – To Support intestinal health during gluten exposure and hidden wheat intake.

Wheat is a very common ingredient and in this country has 3 factors that make it very questionable to consume:
1) It is genetically modified- This is so the pesticide, “round up” won’t kill it with the rest of the weeds, but these weeds are getting resistant so 3-5X more is now needed.

2) it is stored in a large bin and has toxins from mold degrading it so it excites your immune system , these are called enterotoxins.

3) In order to make gluten mix well with other ingredients, food manufacturers deaminate it. This chemical process makes the gluten molecules water soluble in order to make processed, packaged foods. However, this also creates a molecule that is much more reactive than plain gluten.

Too much alteration has made Wheat/Gluten a more common than expected health concern called Celiac Disease.
The diagnosis of celiac disease is the single best predictor of the prevalence of autoimmune disease.

Gluten Flam uses a few key ingredients (DPP IV, brush border enzymes and flavonoids for gluten response)
These have been studied and found to be effective in aiding in digestion and during inflammation promoted by unexpected exposures of wheat. It is not to be used in place of gluten or casein-free diet, but rather to be used to digest hidden sources of gluten.

Take 1-2 /night as a preventive measure against inflammation due to wheat sensitivity and possible hidden wheat exposure.
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