Methods and Strategies to Improve the Health and Brain Performance in Children 
  Find Your Child’s Most Vital Needs Correct the weakest-link
Use the questionnaires linked above to determine what shows the greatest need for improvement.

Complete the  Child’s Most Vital Needs simple questionnare. You get a KEY for Nutritional Support towards Correction.
Locating the major imbalances by the sections found with greatest number and severity of symptoms.Corrects the weakest-link
When there is a lack of Neurotransmitters  the child may have many symptoms   
When many sections of the weakest-link are involved,  We know we need to support Blood Sugar as the priority if involved.
Proper nutrition and healthy diet must be started up and maintained. In addition, Life Style Changes, dietary habits and deficiencies created from medications being used in the past and present must be corrected to have a positive outcome.
Those with troubles in the low blood sugar group must eat a protein breakfast and have low glycemic snacks like nuts or celery sticks between meals.
Those with troubles in with the insulin resistance group must cut down on amount of carbohydrates (sugars and starches) until they are no longer tired after eating – or crave sugary deserts. Simultaneous to dietary changes, supplementation must take place in order to correct and improve their overall cluster of symptoms on the above links.
Taking the Neurotransmitter Nutrients while correcting the Blood sugar and insulin resistance above may or may not be helpful. Using the supplements to support the above & a good diet with protein, good oils and fats along with whole organic fruit and veggies comes first.
It is not uncommon to support more than one NT, in addition to general brain support and blood sugar support. There is no problem whatsoever in combining support for the above.
Despite what NT support needs to be supplemented, it is important to consider helping any Section A problems with the proper support. A source of Methyl SP (combined Vitamin B 12 and other vital nutrients) are essential for proper neurological function. Adding Omega Co3 – a rich source of pharmaceutical grade essential oils known as essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are also vital to correct a Neurotransmitter imbalance.
If the Section B indicators are above a cumulative score of 5 there is an active stress response occurring. The stress response needs to be reduced and this can be assisted by nutritional support as well as diet and lifestyle changes. Adrenal Calm, Oxicell and Adaptocrine are designed to support the areas of the brain which Stress most abuses.

Genius Traits 
Our goal with your child’s nutrition program is that they will exhibit an increasing level of the below positive character traits of high intelligence.
Print them out and help your child’s health with the above to focus on becoming a genius!
Drive – Have a strong desire to work hard and long. Be willing to give your all to a project. Develop your drive by focusing on your future success and keep going.
Courage – Have the courage to do things others consider impossible. Stop worrying what other people will think if you are different.
Devotion (to GOALS) – Know what you want and go after it. Get control of your life and schedule. Have something specific to accomplish each day.
Knowledge – Continually accumulate information. Never go to sleep at night without learning at least 1 new thing. Read. Ask Questions to people who know useful information.
Honesty -Be frank, forthright and honest. Take responsibility for things that go wrong. Be willing to admit: “I goofed” – and handle it. This way you can learn from your mistakes.
Optimism – Never doubt you will succeed. Deliberately focus your mind on something good coming up.
Ability to Judge – Understand the facts of a situation before you judge. Evaluate things with an open mind and unprejudiced basis. Be willing to change your mind.
Enthusiasm – Don’t hold back, really believe that things will turn out well.                                                                     Be so excited about what you are doing that others will want to join in!
Willingness to Take Chances – Overcome your fear of failure. You won’t be afraid to take chances once you realize you can learn from your mistakes.
Dynamic Energy – Don’t sit on your Butt waiting for something good to happen. Be determined to make it happen.
Enterprise – Be an opportunity seeker. Be willing to take jobs others won’t touch. Never be afraid to try the unknown.
Persuasion– Know how to motivate people to help them get ahead. You will find it easy to be persuasive if you believe in what you are doing.
Outgoingness – Make friends. Be a Booster to them.
Ability to Communicate – Get your ideas across to others. Be easy to understand.
Patience – With others, but not yourself.
Perception – Think more about what others need and want.
Perfectionism – Never be satisfied. Always strive to improve.
Sense of Humor – Laugh, even at yourself!
Versatility – Learn to accomplish more. This equals confidence.
Adaptability – Be flexible and consider new options. Think outside the norm.
Curiosity – Find out what you don’t understand.
Individualism – Do things your way. Don’t be afraid to be different or unusual.
Idealism – Achieve great things. Get others involved to share your accomplishments with and help them accomplish goals that align with yours.
Imagination – Think in different combinations, dream!