Balance your Blood Test

Correct any anemia by getting a blood test with Ferritin, TIBC, Transferrin and Iron Saturation.

*Adrenal Repair: Anemia causes the body to be unable to produce enough energy, rapidly burning up the sugar and placing great demands on the adrenals.

Always do a blood test to rule out infection, anemia, liver detoxification impairment or low essential fatty acids.

Triglycerides should be 1/2 the total Cholesterol, Cholesterol should be above 150, liver enzymes SGOT and SGPT should be optimal at below 26.

Neutrophils should be 60 and Lymphocyctes should be 40.

If Neutrophils are higher than 60 and lymphocytes are below 40, rule out bacterial infection.
If Neutrophils are lower than 60 and Lymphocytes are above 40, rule out viral infection, X-Viromin.
If Eosinophils are above 3 rule out allergy or parasites.
All the above will improve the ability to repair the adrenal glands with proper nutrition and lifestyle changes.