Breakthroughs for Depression
Start to Improve your Depression and Mood with Proven Scientific Solutions. We balance 5 areas for maximum effectiveness.

We now know that research shows depression is not a disease but a condition.

In addition to lifestyle considerations of a good diet, exercise, etc. – a number of nutrients and herbs can provide support for depression and stress .

The 5 vital components of supporting mood swings are:

1 Stabilize energy with a full spectrum of herbs
2 Use Nutrition to Normalize Cortisol
3 Anti Anxiety HERBS
4 Balance NeuroTranmitters with Amino Acids that produce them
5 Provide Necessary Nutrient Cofactors

Here are the Supplements to help with the above:

1 Adaptocrine, Lu Rong Supreme
2 Adena Calm, Brain E DHA, Body Guard
3 De Stress, Glutamine Powder, GABATONE if not on Rx Meds
4 Deproloft, Neuro Trans , Tyrosine


Aids in lowering Homocysteine.
Lowers your risk of vascular dementia – the second most frequent cause of dementia in the elderly.
Prevents brain and memory problems caused by alterations in Methylation.
Promotes physical and mental health.