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External interventions can alter nervous system function.
These may include pharmaceutical medications or nutritional supplements:
Pharmaceutical medications influence neurotransmission while nutritional neuromodulators utilize dietary constituents and naturally-derived substances to influence neurotransmission.
Nutritional neuromodulators include various amino acids, standardized herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals, and phospholipid derivatives. Courtesy: NeuroScience.
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Your brain and hormones work together forming a vital support system for proper health and function

The Brain is a mass of nerve (neurons) and immune cells (microglia) kept in balance by hormones to counteract the ongoing and persistent break down called, “Neurodegeneration”. Hormones have very powerful impacts on the brain and are involved with all steps of keeping the brain in balance.

There is a barrier that keeps the brain clean of anything not wanted called the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB). Hormones easily cross the blood-brain barrier, and there are also enzymes that allow hormones to be made in the brain (not just in the glands). These hormones are very important and allow the brain to function at its best.

It is well established that sex hormones have many effects on the brain beyond their role in reproduction. These hormones also promote the balance of nerve growth, reduce nerve inflammation, slow down the neurodegeneration, control nerve repair, assist neurotransmitter assistance, make new nerve pathways and apparently cause better efficiency known as neuroplasticity. We can age gracefully and stay in sharp at the same time if we have a plan!

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