Endocrine Issues

Helpful Suggestions: Men can support with Opticrine , Women with Progestaid for better sexual function after Stress

In men and women, suppressed LH release is created by stress (which also causes an increase in Cortisol). Stress can cause a decrease of testosterone in men or progesterone in women due to low LH. Adrenal Calm™ cream can stimulate the body and support the brain to help lower Cortisol, which aids in dealing with stress and poor memory. The body can deal with acute stress for a certain length of time but has no way to deal with chronic stress without support.
In women: Progestaid helps stimulate LH to support progesterone (see chart above). Opticrine supports proper release of FSH to assist estrogen (estradiol). You can also support your balance of estrogen and progesterone withSublingual Progesterone (note that Sublingual Progesterone should only be used the last two weeks of your menstrual cycle).
In men: Opticrine supports proper release of LH to assist testosterone. This is called Secondary Low Testosterone, due to low pituitary hormones not sending a strong enough signal in the first place. This problem should not be treated with testosterone cream, which would only make the lack of stimulation of the brain to the testes worse. It should be dealt with by removing the stress and supporting with Adaptocrine™.
Adaptocrine™ supports your brain in times of stress.
Consider adding Adrenal Calm™OpticrineSublingual Progesterone and Adaptocrine™ to your Female Balancer™ or your Male Balancer™ supplement plan.To improve suppressed GH Release (Growth Hormone) one must handle the elevations of night time cortisol. To lower cortisol use Adrenal Calm™Glysen™, and Adaptocrine™. High levels of cortisol are often found with an adrenal stress index saliva test and are also responsible for low levels of DHEA, leading to low levels of growth hormone.