Female Health

Introducing Estrogen Metabolizing Supplements
Support for those with excess estrogen and symptoms of breast pain (when not due to disease). 
1st Check the level of your breast pain and judge it based on pain with pressure on a scale 1-10.
Take 2 of each of the below and retest in 1 hour for diminished pain with pressure to the breast tissue.

Hepato Synergy* containing 60 Packets with 4 key formulas below to support estrogen balance and elimination when on the pill or after stopping.

             *(Methyl-SP, Metacrin-DX, BileMin are all packaged together along with another key liver supplement Glutathione Recycler).
Introducing Fresh Start-  Hormone balance after stopping birth control pills   
Support for women coming off birth control to support removing the excess hormones so your body can naturally take over again.
Don’t come off birth control without help. This combination stimulates detox after coming off birth control pills to clear out synthetic estrogens and progestins. Make a true fresh start.

Hepato Synergy  containg packlets with


Clearvite SF

Note: If a woman is having major symptoms when they stop taking “the pill”, they must consider fixing their Adrenal Glands first (See the Carbo Handler ™ supplements)
Suggestion: If you are off the pill and your cycle has not returned, use BCP Balancer™ Supplements to support the brain and glands with restarting your cycle and regaining hormonal balance. (If this does not work after 90 days, the cycle will not be restarted with nutrition).
Introducing BCP Balancer™ Supplements to restart your cycle
Support for Female Hormone Balance once off “the pill”. This mix is set up to regain your hormone balance and help you restart your cycle.

OPTICRINE (to restart menstrual cycle)
PROGESTAID (to restart menstrual cycle)
Hepato Synergy- contains

Glutathione Recycler


Introducing Female Balancer
Support for Low Estrogen due to low FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) from the brain (Pituitary) requires support.


 Many times the Opticrine and below Progestaid are used together at 2 each meal to help support fertility

Introducing Female Balance ™
Support for Low Progesterone due to low stimulating hormones (LH) from the brain (Pituitary Gland) must be supported to stimulate the release of Progesterone from the ovaries.


Instead of using Hormone Cream which cause 5-20 X the normal amount found naturally
Support low progesterone with substances that can improve the signal to release progesterone 


Attempts to normalize hormone levels are impossible when there are Adrenal and Blood Sugar Imbalances
Take the Free Test found at Ask The Doctor on the top each page to help find the right support

For those who are energized after eating and crash without food use Proglyco Synergy
For those who are tired after eating or then crave coffee or dessert use Glysen Synergy