Hormone Balance

 Hormone Solutions that support the normal function of the brain and heart
Your brain, circulation of oxygen and sugar and hormones all work together, forming a vital support system for proper health and function.
  The brain is a mass of nerve (neurons) and immune cells (microglia) kept in balance by hormones to counteract the ongoing and   persistent break down called, “Neurodegeneration”.
  Hormones have very powerful impacts on the brain and are involved keeping the brain in balance.
  There is a barrier that keeps the brain clean of anything not wanted called the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB).
    Hormones easily cross the blood-brain barrier, There are also enzymes that allow hormones to be made in the brain (not just in     the glands).
   Support can be essential for creating balance of hormones and many aspects of brain function when there are signs of    malfuinction. Support is very important and may allow the brain to function at its best.
  It is well established that sex hormones have many effects on the brain beyond their role in reproduction.
These hormones also promote the balance of nerve growth, reduce nerve inflammation, slow down the neurodegeneration, control nerve repair, assist neurotransmitter assistance, make new nerve pathways and apparently cause better efficiency known as neuroplasticity.
We can age gracefully and stay sharp with a healthy heart and brain if we have a plan to naturally support hormone balance. 
The most effective way to support the hormones in the brain requires 4 vital areas to be in balance.
That balance can best be tested with a fasting blood test (12 hours no food) and then interpreted under the care of your primary physician.
If these tests are found to be “normal” understanding that we can still have a closer look at even more ideal levels that may need to be supported despite everything within the Lab range.
There are functional ranges that can be achieved with the right support that then balance brain hormone production, even when your doctor says they are fine. These levels ensure that the normal function is being restored or brain degeneration is being slowed down and are explained below.
It is ideal to work towards correcting what is primary. These four areas below are vital for having your brain supported.
The goal is creating normal hormone balance in the brain and body for improved function and survival.
But here is what may occur. There can be  symptoms of imbalances and then hormone replacement may be given in hopes to handle physical and mental symptoms.
When hormone replacement is being administed understand that the body may later convert  too much of that one hormone being taken into the others (of the opposite sex). The chart below shows arrows but the hormones can go in the opposite direction when there are imbalances in the blood sugar in #2 below.
 This occurs with both sexes. Males creating female hormones speed up the aging of the brain and women creating male hormones with the same adverse effect on the brain and heart.
As an example may occur when a woman has blood sugar imbalances, feels more tired after eating meals and has a blood sugar over 100 after fasting 12 hours. She can begin to convert her estrogen replacement or even her own estrogen into testosterorne. Thining hair, hair growing on the face, changes in the voice can all be evidence.
Men taking Testosterone can begin to convert the replacement hormone into Estrogen and that will have the opposite effect on the man’s heart and brain. This is easily noted by a man taking hormones gaining weight, male breasts and a change into more emotional behaivor. This may require the person to seek a lower dosage or stop all together and begin to detox the excess hormones out through the liver using the below support in #1 below.
The 4 key areas that determine hormone balance in the body are:
1. Liver and Gallbladder Health- The Blood Tests realted to these should show an ideal range between 10 and 26 of SGOT, SGPT and GGTP. Below 10 may be improved with Vitamin B-6. Use the active form that does not need to be converted Active Vitamin B-6. Levels over 26 can be supported with Liver Support 
2. Blood Sugar Balance- Fasting Glucose has an ideal range between 85-100. LDH is best over 140 or even better 150 and below 250.  If either is low suggested support to consider with any additional guidance from your physician is Low Blood Sugar Support . Glucosed levels over 100 consider supporting (with guidance) Support for Utilizing Blood Sugar
3.. Essential Oils for the Brain  (Essential Fatty Acids)  When a blood test shows a fasting level of Triglycerides less than 50% of your Total Cholesterol use the highest quality and concentration of DHA which will support improved nerve function. Example  Cholesterol is 180 and Triglycerides are only 80- less than half which would be 90. Support with Essential Oils for the Brain These contain 16X to 24X DHA.  The concerntration of 24X in Phyto Brain E DHA is the most powerful DHA Available Anywhere
4.  When the WBC (White Blood Cells) are below 5 or greater than 8 Support your immune system under a doctors care. Consider Sublingual B-12 using 3X Vitamin-B-12 
 Each number is an enzyme which has an explanation found below. (DEHA should be DHEA)



 Cholesterol is the Master Hormone – Be sure yours is over 150 !
if not call our online support or start with Optimal EFA, Mn Zyme and Bio Immunozyme from Biotics Reseach to begin to raise it.


 Optimal EFA  MN-Zyme  Bio-Immunozyme Forte

The enzyme that converts Cholesterol into Pregnenolone is very limited and this conversion is a difficult step for the human body. There is only so much Pregnenolone produced each day, so if the conversion toward Progesterone as seen in Adrenal Stress is over-active, DHEA and sex hormone production will suffer.This enzyme is elevated by too much insulin; unfortunately the enzyme that converts Androstenedione to Estrone is also elevated. The net effect is the conversion of Pregnenelone into DHEA and Androstenedione followed by immediate conversion of DHEA into Esterone. Non optimal for men.DHEA is converted into Androstenedione by the same enzyme used in reversing the conversion of Androstenedione into Testosterone and reversibly converting Esterone into Estrodial. It’s common to see high levels of Androstenedione when this enzyme is high. It is also common to experience symptoms of low sex hormones due to high levels of this enzyme. This is because the receptors to sex hormones lose their sensitivity. This shows up clinically as a person with symptoms of low sex hormones.Taking oral Pregnenolone stimulates the conversion into Progesterone in healthy males. However the potential for oral Pregnenolone conversion into any other hormone is possible especially in men that have insulin resistance and too much Estrogen production.When the conversion of Progesterone to Aldesterone is overactive the culprit is frequently high Cortisol. Cortisol appears to have a high affinity for Aldosterone receptor sites and can bind to them creating an Aldosterone response. Symptoms such as high blood pressure and electrolyte imbalance when there are no changes in blood or urine Aldosterone indicate an elevation in Cortisol. This syndrome is known as “pseudohyperaldosteronemia”.Conversion of Progesterone to Androstenedione takes place with adrenal stress or insulin resistance. Ideally Progesterone should convert into Cortisol instead.When a person has a chronic stress response, giving Progesterone will usually elevate Cortisol. Therefore, any doctor should be wary of the conversion of Progesterone into excess Cortisol. He must be cautious even with patients who demonstrate low Progesterone and low Cortisol. Many times even a small amount of Progesterone will cause a “jump” immediately into a high Cortisol pattern. The person will experience all the side effects of high Cortisol, such as weight gain, inability to fall asleep (insomnia), insulin resistance, etc.The majority of Testosterone creation is determined by the production and secretion of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) by the Pituitary gland. This can be supported in men using Opticrine.The enzyme responsible for converting Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone appears to increase with low Progesterone levels, Essential Fatty Acid deficiency, and Zinc deficiency.Conversion of Testosterone and Androstenedione to Estradiol and Esterone is controlled by an enzyme found in fatty tissues. This enzyme called aromatase increases as Cortisol and Insulin levels increase. When overactive it can be blocked by using the Testanex Cream rubbed into the belly adipose (fatty tissue).