Introducing Afternoon Booster™ supplements Support for afternoon fatigue/energy crash.
Take these supplements at 10 AM and 3 PM for long lasting energy. Proglyco SP™ Adaptocrine™ Adrenastim™ Super EFA Complex
Use our Ask the Doctor page to also look for other factors which can cause low energy along with anemia:
Balance your Blood Test 
Correct any anemia by getting a blood test with Ferritin, TIBC, Transferrin and Iron Saturation.
*Adrenal Repair: Anemia causes the body to fail to produce enough energy, rapidly burning up the sugar and placing great demands on the adrenals.
Always do a blood test to rule out infection, anemia, liver detoxification impairment or low essential fatty acids.
 Find and Fix any
Unstable Blood Sugar- a significant stress on the brain and body.
Gut Infections- When there is poor digestion pr inflammation as in a big tummy, there is a chronic stress placed on the adrenal glands and immune systems.
Unidentified food intolerances and food allergies- These stress energy production  Use the Repair and Clear program to remove hidden foods to help energy.
Essential Fatty Acids- The right fats in the right amounts are essential for hormone production, including the thyroid and adrenal  hormone.
Toxicity- Some have issues with the environmental compounds which cause their immune system to react to the chemicals, metals or molds.