Morning Sickness

Help for Morning Sickness:

My first choice for morning sickness is always the Chromim at 3 tablets twice a day). If this does not work in 3 days or less than try Super Phosphozyme Liquid at 20 drops twice a day and with pregnancy you need to add Calcium at 6 tablets in the a.m. on an empty stomach).
One or the other of these two should work in 90 percent of the case, but if they fail then use Super Phosphozyme.
My other choice is ginger root which can be purchased at a health food store.

A lot of moms swear that ginger helps alleviate the nausea that comes with pregnancy. Eat anything with ginger in it, such as ginger cookies, hard ginger candy or crystallized ginger. Drinking ginger tea is also great, calming your stomach naturally. Just break a piece of fresh ginger root, grate and put in hot water. There are also ginger capsules sold in many stores. Check with your doctor first to make sure taking these supplements is okay for you