Nitric Balance (Peppermint) K62


Supports healthy balance and modulation of Nitric Oxide
Provides compounds that are used to support the expression of eNOS and nNOS while dampening the expression of iNOS
Targeted nutritional support for tissue health and antiinflammatory mechanisms
Supports healthy peripheral blood flow to brain, hands, feet, and sexual organs
Supports brain endurance, function, and focus
Increases metabolic endurance for exercise and rehabilitation
Supports healthy immune response



Nitric Balance is an advanced combination of carefully selected ingredients that work together to affect NOS (nitric oxide synthase) activity and intracellular energy production. It also influences the related production of cell-signaling molecules and oxidants. This formulation takes advantage of the compounding and complementary actions of its ingredients to deliver a truly effective formula backed by a decade of successful clinical use. Nitric Balance™ is an excellent choice for individuals needing immune balance, brain function, and exercise support. Also available in a 4 oz size (K82) and in a Chocolate Strawberry flavor (K68).


  • Pleasant-tasting peppermint and chocolate strawberry options
  • Easy-to-use liquid formula
  • Lightly and naturally sweetened with luo han guo (monk fruit) and stevia extract
  • Arginine and stimulant free
  • Gluten and dairy free, as confirmed by finished product testing
  • Great to use 20-30 minutes before exercise


  • Supports a healthy immune response
  • Supports a healthy neurovascular system and healthy brain function
  • Supports cellular energy production, including in neurons
  • Supports metabolic endurance during exercise

Additional information


16 fl oz

Suggested Use

Take one tablespoon 1-2 times a day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Start with half a tablespoon.

Nutrition Facts

Xanthinal Mcolinate
Acetyl L-Carnitine
Huperzine A
Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid
Filtered water
vegetable glycerin
natural flavor
evening primrose oil
xanthan gum
luo han guo
fruit extract
gluconic acid
sodium citric
citric acid
cinnamon off
potassium sorbate


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