Modified Citrus Pectin Powder, 454 grams (16 oz.)




This nutrient is of the highest quality obtainable and is free of all common allergens (antigens), and does not contain artifical additives.
Modified citrus pectin is a soluble component of plant fiber derived from citrus fruit, is a complex polysaccharide rich in galactosyl and other carbohydrate varieties. While oridary citrus pectin is beneficial in human nutrition, a new form called modified citrus pectin has clearly distinquished itself as being nutrionally superior.

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16 oz.

Suggested Use

15 grams per day: dissolve 1 rounded tsp. (approx. 5 gms) of powder in water, juice or lther liquid drink 3 times daily.

Nutrition Facts

100% Pure Modified Citrus Pectin 454 GRAMS PER BOTTLE


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