Introducing Acid Reflux Handler ™ supplements
Those below 60 years of age should never have stomach problems. Stomach acid problems below age 60 are usually the result of some abnormal metabolism. The cause should always be identified. Common causes include, low blood sugar, Zinc need, B Vitamin need, stomach inflammation due to food intolerances or intestinal infections, H. Pylori Infections, and low Thyroid function.
For treating conditions, consult with your doctor for the appropriate drug intervention or care.
Support for H. Pylori Infection.

Gastro ULC™
HCl  (once tolerable after using above)

Note: Nexium is often prescribed for acid reflux. Nexium can have the following (side) effects: High blood pressure (hypertension), Fibromyalgia, Acne, Depression, Ear infection, Pancreatitis, etc.