Intestinal Hyperpermeability

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Are you suffering from a leaky gut?

You do not need to stay in mystery on why you continue to feel aches and pain in your intestines and other areas of your body. Leaky gut may be the root cause. Your body may send signals that it has a leaky gut when you have: Joint pains, allergies, feeling sad a lot, redness in your skin or itchy bumps, feeling tired even after you wake up or muscle aches and pains. offers a test to confirm this condition- Array #2 –

Many people have mysterious symptoms stemming by this situation. We have had success with helping others not only understand but also help repair their leaky gut syndrome. Use the above test and if positive follow the RepairVite Program.
Call for details as needed.

Cyrex test has these Antigens Measured
Actomyosin Proteins- Cell Breakdown
Occludin/Zonulin Proteins-Between the cell attachments
Lipopolysaccharides- Proteins found on the outer surface of bacteria that should not leak into blood stream at intestines.

Triggers of Barrier Breakdown :