Memory Issues

 Supplement used to Support cognitive function:
Many of the key nutrients which support memory are in Memoractiv Support would be 1-2 caps 3 X each day.   (see individual components below)
 &nb /strong> 1 cap2 or 3 x Improves mitochondrial function, ATP production, oxygen utilization, stimulates nerve growth factor.
Phosphatidyl Choline 2 caps 3X a day can help support t an age-related decline in choline activity in the brain (Alzheimer’s associated with decline in acetylcholine.
Antioxidant is another Thorne Researfch product- 1- 2X each day (Antioxidant) supplementation delays need for medication if given after onset of disease.
Individual Components of Memoractiv and their use taken separate:
GB 24 or GB 250 1 cap 3X Improved circulation to the brain; slows deterioration in early Alzheimer’s antioxidant effects; improves circulation
IsoPhos 1-2 caps 3X-A major component of nerve cell membranes; enhances regeneration of damaged nerve network; enhances dopamine and acetylcholine release.
Carnityl 1-2 caps3X- Cofactor in conversion of fatty acids to energy in mitochondria of nerve cells; provides “acetyl” groups for production of acetylcholine; antioxidant
Vinpocetine 1 cap 3X Improves oxygen delivery to the brain by improving circulation decreases platelet aggregation; prevents low oxygen damage to the brain; reduces cerebral edema; anticonvulsant
Methyl-Guard 2 caps tid High homocysteine levels associated with Alzheimer’s Folacal 1 cap daily Low folate many cause dementia B complex #12, Bio B12, 1-3 caps daily Correct a deficiency due to poor absorption
Methylcobalamin, or Cobamide, Betaine HCl/Pepsin 2 caps tid Enhance absorption of folate and B12 with meals
Zinc Picolinate (dbl str) 1 daily
Correct deficiency Vitamin C 3 grams daily High dose vit C and E delays need for medication
E-500 or Ultimate E 2 caps tid High dose vit C and E delays need for medication
Moducare 1 tid Decrease cortisol (decreasing cortisol associated with improved memory)
Dehydrone-5 or 15 25-50 mg/day males
Test for DHEA levels and supplement accordingly 15-25 mg/day females
Taurine 500 – 1500 mg. tid Correct deficiency